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Thailand's second-largest and second-oldest city, Chiang Mai is far removed from the hectic metropolis of Bangkok. A charming city with a moat and remnants of fortified walls, Chiang Mai is the kind of place where a simple stroll to a cafe turns into a sightseeing experience. Chiang Mai is sprinkled with hundreds of temples, and wherever tourists venture they'll see pagodas peeking up over the tree line. Most of the hotels in Chiang Mai city center offer views of nearby temples and shrines. The most dignified temple crests Doi Suthep Mountain on the fringe of the city center. It's visible from all corners of central Chiang Mai.

We care about our Elephants and can recommend meeting and working with them in a true natural enviroment


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Shopping is a must while in Chiang Mai,

whether that means spending an afternoon Central Airport Plaza near Chiang Mai International Airport or strolling through the city's extensive evening markets. Ideally, it involves both, as the handicrafts, delicate carvings, silk fashions and original artwork in Chiang Mai are first rate. A visit to Baan Tawai, the handicraft village of the North, has a wide range of products from wood carvings to furniture and home decor. This is also a great place to learn about Thai culture. At relatively low cost, tourists can enroll in cooking, language, yoga or massage classes. Guided meditation retreats to mountain monasteries are also popular, as are visits to elephant camps, including the conservation project, Elephant Nature Park. Chiang Mai is also home to the famous panda cub, Lin Ping, who currently resides with mum Lin Hui at Chiang Mai Zoo and draws hundreds of visitors a day.

After hours, the city's modern vibe ignites. International restaurants, live music venues and nightclubs are well-located across town. A string of riverside clubs play a mix of Thai music and well-known international covers. Other prominent strips include the hostess bars of Loy Kroh and the ultra-chic lounges on Nimmanhaemin Road.

Apart from its blend of cosmopolitan and rustic charm, Chiang Mai is also famous for its outdoor activities. Tourists based here can arrange cycling tours,a treks through the northern jungles; adventure activities like zip lines or mountain biking; and home stays in remote hill-tribe villages..

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"My favorite shopping place for great deals"

I bought a ton of furniture and home decor from Baan Tawai. I have been coming here for the past five years. I even shipped some teak wood furniture to decorate home in Singapore. The costs of customs and claiming goods at Singapore port are more expensive than the goods themselves but we would not find good quality made to order authentic teak furniture in Singapore. Shipping services in Thailand are cheap but the cost if getting goods stored at port, customs and delivering to condo in Singapore are three times higher than the actual Thailand to Singapore shipping cost.

I discovered this place and found prices two to three times cheaper than Night Bazaar. Since 2008, I have not shopped at Night Bazaar again. I only go to Baan Tawai during the day and walking street at night. Prices at Baan Tawai are negotiable but they are so cheap that I don't bargain much anymore. I got handmade baskets, vases, lamp, containers, frames, and other household items from here.

The big bamboo baskets with lining I bought from Baan Tawai for USD 15 lasts much longer than SGD49 basket I bought from Singapore IKEA. Often, my guests complimented on items in my condo. Thanks to my shopping trips at Baan Tawai!!..