Khantoke Dinner

An Impressive and charming night out.
Delight in the precious Lanna traditions.


Experience the quintessential Lanna Khantoke evening where the spirit of Lanna and its ancient traditions are brought to you along with an assortment of the most delectable Lanna cuisine. Dine on low traditional tables, seated in front of the stage and the musicians. Be served by staff wearing Lanna dress and watch as professional performers enact various ceremonial and entertaining dances from Lanna's past. Set in the foothills of Doi Suthep Mountain, just a stone throw from the famous Umong Temple. Nestled among verdant foliage, the restaurant itself has been located in the area for almost fifteen years. The building is designed on Lanna architectural concepts and is made up of 10 different old houses from in and around Chiang Mai.


The set menu of Lanna dishes is brought to you on a platter and consists of various local foods.

As much as you can eat.


  • Geng Hung-Le: Hang -Le Curry (Pork Curry)
  • Nam Prik Num: Green chili paste
  • Nam Prik Ong: Green chili paste.
  • Pad Pak: Stir fried vegetables
  • Pud Mee: Stir fried rice noodles
  • Gai Tort: Deep fried chicken
  • Kab Moo: Crispy pork rind
  • Pak luak: Steamed vegetables
  • Kao Suaw/ Kao Neuw: Steamed rice/ Sticky rice
  • Paon La Mai: Fruit
  • Tea - Coffee

Magical Lanna Performances.

  • Fingernail Dance
  • Klong Sabudchai
  • Pang Prateeb Dance.
  • King Ka La Bird Dance
  • Hill Tribe Dance
  • Serng Kapo
  • Sword Dance
  • Rum Wong
  • Tho Dance
  • from 7.45pm - 8.30 pm

Magical Lanna Performances from 7.45pm - 8.30 pm.